How to fix a ‘Bootmgr is compressed’ error

The error message, “BOOTMGR is compressed Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”, may appear when you start your Windows 7, 8 based computer. When this message appears you will be given a limited option to reboot your computer that does not boot Windows normally.

BOOTMGR is the abbreviation of Boot Manage(r), which is an important system file of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008. It replaces Ntldr, which is the boot loader in Windows XP.

This error message may be caused by several reasons, not only when the file ‘bootmbr’ is compressed. The error message also can be raised by a corrupted or missing MBR, Boot Sector or BCD.

Compression of an entire driver is a way to save hard drive space, but some software, which claims to boost performance, may cause errors by compressing the whole C: drive. If your ‘bootmgr’ file is compressed, Windows will not boot up.

If you get the ‘BOOTMGR is compressed’ error message, you do not need to worry. There is an easy solution to fix the error.

Solution one: Use Windows 7 installation DVD

  1. Insert your Windows operating system DVD.
  2. Boot up the computer from the DVD.
  3. Press a key when you are prompted “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”.
  4. Select a language, a time, a currency, and a keyboard or another input method, and then click <Next>.
  5. Click <Repair your computer>.
  6. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click <Next>.
  7. In the “System Recovery Options” dialog box, click <Command Prompt>.
  8. Type “compact /u /a /s:c:\” and press <Enter> to uncompress all files on your system drive.
  9. Reboot the computer to check the result. If the problem still has not been fixed, repeat steps from 2 to 7 to enter the recovery console. Then complete the following steps, 10-13.
  10. Type ‘bootrec /FixMbr C:’ and then press <Enter>.
  11. type ‘bootrec /fixboot C:’ and then press <Enter>.
  12. type ‘bootrec /rebuildbcd C:’ and then press <Enter>.
  13. Restart your computer, confirming that the issue is resolved.

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